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Financial Information

Yearly registration fee

Annual registration fee incl. The cost of books and materials: U$450.00 per year or proportional when starting during the school year.

Tuition fees

(fruits snack and lunch included)

Maternal K2 and K3:      U$100 per month

K4 y K5:                          U$120 per month

Primary school:               U$150 per month

We offer after- school care service from 1:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. No fee apply.

Families with two siblings at our school get 10% discount in monthly payments for the youngest student.

Families with three siblings at our school get 15% discount in monthly payments for the youngest student.

Payments can be made through deposit in our bank account in Procredit bank, bank account number 12-4431-5702, Sociedad Educativa Waldorf - Nicaragua (SEWN) 

Cocibolca International School is an initiative of the Waldorf Education Society Nicaragua (SEWN).

Our School is committed to the principles of transparency and accountability.

Transportation from Granada and Masaya  is available. 


Cocibolca International School awards scholarships to disadvantaged students. For this supportive funds are managed both abroad and in the community of Granada.

The scholarship policy applies transparent academic and social criteria for families who wish to apply for this benefit. There are scholarship regulations to ensure proper adjudication. Families interested are asked to submit a motivation letter, salary certificates and fill the application form and allow visits by the school to verify the information provided.

Currently, the school has 30% of its students with some form of full or partial scholarship (differentiated fee).