Pedagogic Model

Our bilingual academic offer includes traditional subjects such as language arts, math, science and social studies, complemented by a wide range of artistic and sporting subjects. We rely on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner to help our students to their full development, paying attention also to the "other" intelligences (in addition to the linguistic and logical-mathematical): intra-and interpersonal, spatial, musical-rhythmic, movement as well as naturalistic intelligence.

We strive to create and environment where each student finds learning attractive, meaningful and fun and foster a culture in which our students seek these experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Through small group classes and individualized learning plans, we are able to offer direct and personalized attention to each student. We evaluate the learning process of every child and adapt the plans to its unique and specific needs.



Learning a second language is easier starting at a young age (through games and songs), gradually paving the way for later literacy. We promote the learning of each language from the mother tongue of each teacher, thus facilitating correct pronunciation, grammar and spelling in both languages.
Goal 1: By the end of elementary students are able to speak, read and write in both languages.
We start with literacy in Spanish, and English will be introduced in a spoken and sung form, beginning literacy through "sight words" ("view" words, you learn to identify with their sound).
Goal 2: At the end of secondary schoolmaster both languages, both at spoken and written level.