Each student with a creative, experimental and bilingual (English and Spanish) learning environment which allows them to develop their maximum potential intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. Our aim is to create a solid base not only for academic achievement but also for the challenges of life in the future, awakening a permanent desire to learn in our students


Being an intercultural bilingual school that is highly engaged with the community also guarantees a high quality of learning for our students.

We implement various strategies that allow us to offer a personalized education to our students. For example, class sizes are restricted to 15 students so that teachers can focus on each child's intellectual, cognitive, emotional, and social development. We also use a methodology that is diverse and experimental, as it provides numerous opportunities to learn from and work with nature. By providing an education that is dynamic, well rounded, and practical, our students become motivated to actively participate in their education and make a difference in their societies.

Our connections with society have their pillar in the community of parents. From there we look for social and cultural initiatives that further teach our students the value and importance of being socially responsible.

Our concept of an intercultural bilingual school is founded on the belief that studying several languages helps students better understand the diversity of cultures that characterize our present society.

We want to be a sustainable international school that, within possible, picks up elements of green school and a balanced ecological balance.

We are an international school located in Granada, Nicaragua, committed to democratic values that implement principles of transparent, democratic and efficient management, which includes a transparent scholarship policy.