Nicaragua is a country that is fully in development. Ten Years ago, it was very different from what it is today. Year by year the expat community is also growing. In 2006, Kinder Sacuanjoche in Granada was born out of the need of the expats with small kids. There was simply no place to send you kids that live up to more or less Western standards.

Kinder Sacuanjoche followed a Waldorf approach to kindergarten education and focused on the development of each child as a complete human being including body, soul, and spirit. Kinder Sacuanjoche was the first educational institution in Nicaragua based on Waldorf education principles.

As our kids grew, so grew the need to having a primary school. Therefor Cocibolca International School was founded in July 2012 in Granada as a continuation to kinder Sacuanjoche. The school changes its name from Sacuanjoche to Cocibolca in 2014.

Today our primary school offers bilingual integral learning up till 4th Grade. We offer all the regular required subjects and complement these with subjects as art, dance, music, and sport. We are fully recognized by MINED, the Nicaraguan ministry of Education and are proud to have a very beautiful mix of foreign, mixed and Nicaraguan children in our school.